Biography Alberto Loro

Born in Milan where he continues to live and work. Took part in several artistic and cultural activities. Since 2004 exhibiting solo and with other artists in juried competitions
- Diploma of designer from Istituto Tecnico Marangoni
- Diploma of industrial design from Istituto Secoli
- Theatrical costume designer and designer of furs
- Illustrator in specialized publications from 2001-2003
- Designer for Pope John Paul II for a cope, mitres and shoulder veil for the Coena Domini
- Called "L'Angolista" for the creation of special works of art depicting altered angles
- Published articles in national and international journals and appeared in televised interviews


  • Discovered by Bernard Steyaert
  • Exhibit of Phoenician art of Castellanza
  • Exhibit by Jean Blanchaert, via Nirone, Milano
  • Collaborative exhibit Biella Lanificio Pria, Italian pavilion, curated by Philippe Daverio


  • ESSERCI exhibit, San Gallo chapel, Italian pavilion, Venice, curated by Philippe Daverio
  • Group exhibit, Galleria Blanchaert


  • Participant in an international competition on the concept of the corner, Tokyo
  • Exhibit at the Galleria Piave, Cortina d'Ampezzo
  • Permanent exhibit of art, museum of Nocciano, Pescara
  • Exhibit by Jean Blanchaert, via Nirone, Milan
  • Journalist Lina Sotis wrote an article about the artist in "Corriere della Sera"


  • Designed shoulder veil worn by Pope Benedict XVI on the occasion of the Coena Domini
  • Collection, Biennual exhibit of Venice, Italian pavilion, organized by Philippe Daverio and Jean Blanchaert
  • Ongoing exhibit, Galleria Piave, Cortina d'Ampezzo
  • Journalist Simone Mosca Mondadori writes of the artist's development, works, and artistic life
  • Staff of galleria Blanchaert, via Monte di Pietà, Milan


  • Commission from Pope Benedict XVI for a mitre
  • Article published in
  • Exhibit with the oratorio of the Fraternity of the Passion, Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio
  • A work of the artist is used as a symbol for MiArt 08,Galleria Mappamondo
  • Exhibit for the completion of the mitre for the pope
  • Galleria Mappamondo presents works of the artist at the Fiera Nazionale di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Verona
  • Exhibits, Galleria il Mappamondo, Padua
  • Art Basel, Miami



  • Exhibit, MiArt 09, Galleria il Mappamondo
  • Fiera Nazionale di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Art Verona, Verona
  • Exposition, Arte Padova


  • Exhibit "The Corner," Galleria il Mappamondo
  • Exhibit, Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan, April 14-28



  • Group exhibit, "RIGORISMO" ("Rigidity," Gallery Lattuada, Milan. Artists included Fontana, Bonalumi, Castellani, Simeti, Amadio, Manos, Mariani, Pinelli, Scheggi)


  • Group show, Galleria San Carlo, Milan
  • "Rigorismo" exhibit with aforementioned artists
  • Invited by the government of Azerbaijan to Baku; only Italian artist
  • Designed the Maiden Tower for the Festival of Art; artist's work used for the backdrop of the talk show of ETV Zerotreuno
  • Biennial of Venice, "The State of Art," Italian pavilion, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi
  • Exhibit of "fashion victim"


  • Exhibit in Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Designed a work for Eurovision 2013 which was brought to Rome and Milan for Expo 2015 in the Azerbaijan pavilion. It is now at the entrance of the museum of Baku designed by Zaha Hadid.
  • Creation of cufflinks donated to Pope Francis


  • Exhibit "The Myths," gallery Lattuada Studio, Milan



  • Exhibit "Rigorismo," Italian Cultural Institute, New York
  • Permanent exhibit, "Rinascita" ("Rebirth"), Italian Cultural Institute, New York
  • Designed the symbol for the first European Games, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Exhibit, "Un Angolo Contro" ("A Different Corner") for the Spazio Ridotto of the Hotel Bauer, Venice, for the closing of the Biennial of Venice curated by Giacomo Nicolella Maschietti
  • Exhibit of the social theme against any form of discrimination


  • Exhibit of "Un Angolo Contro," Parenti Theater
  • Donated to the pediatric hospital of Via Fatebenefratelli an interactive work against bullying which can be played by each child who has escaped from a dark corner of his life
  • Exhibit in Art Gallery Glauco Cavaciuti, Milan
  • Exibit at Villa di Corliano Pisa



  • June: Personal exhibi "The Ugly, The Unlowed, The Unwanted" at the Spazio Natta in Como
  • November: exhibi during the "International Day For the Elimination of Violence against Women" in San Giuliano Terme (Tuscany)